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Sentinel dVPN App is Now Open to Beta Testing

New VPN app launched for Android Sentinel is excited to announce the launch of its new VPN app for Android, and they're calling on volunteers to test it and provide their input. This crucial phase is all about refining the app with real user feedback to ensure it&...


Sentinel's Directives: Empowering the dVPN Ecosystem

Leading the way in decentralized VPN Sentinel is leading the way in decentralized VPN (dVPN) , and we've got big plans. We want our community to help us make things even better and we're ready to reward those who do. Through our Sentinel Growth DAO, we'...


Meile v2.0: Major Update

Meile v2.0: A Major Update Is Coming This Month For the Decentralized VPN Meile is set to release its new version, Meile v2.0, soon. This update brings a major change to the user interface (UI), which has been in development for some time. The team is ready to...


Power Your Sentinel Decentralized VPN Apps with the $DVPN Faucet

In the ever-evolving world of decentralized networks, Sentinel's decentralized VPN (dVPN) stands out for its robust privacy features and user empowerment. But did you know that powering these applications just got easier? Enter the Sentinel Faucet! A handy tool for all decentralized VPN users with apps powered by...

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