New VPN app launched for Android

Sentinel is excited to announce the launch of its new VPN app for Android, and they're calling on volunteers to test it and provide their input. This crucial phase is all about refining the app with real user feedback to ensure it's top-notch at the time of its official release.

If you're keen to be part of this testing phase, Sentinel has made the Android APK available through their VPN product testing Telegram group. Here, testers can highlight any issues and offer suggestions for enhancements.

Click below to get the link for APK file. Due to the nature of APK files, make sure you download the one from the pinned message.

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VPN app for iPhone

iPhone users will need a bit of patience, as the iOS version is still in the queue for approval on Apple's TestFlight.

The rationale for soliciting user feedback is both straightforward. Sentinel is committed to developing an app that delivers a smooth experience for all by incorporating suggestions from its user base.

Sentinel is focused on creating a VPN application that's both powerful and user-friendly, ensuring it can handle the demands of millions of users that will come, once there is a strong suite of apps available.

A unique aspect of Sentinel's approach is the concept of chain abstraction, a principle that aims to make technology use straightforward and intuitive. Essentially, users can enjoy a secure internet connection through Sentinel's VPN without needing to grasp the complex blockchain technology underpinning it.

Robust and easy to use VPN service

This approach reflects Sentinel's commitment to simplifying digital security, allowing users to benefit from a robust VPN service, possibly without realizing it's built on Sentinel's innovative platform. The company's vision is to provide a seamless experience where the technical complexities are invisible to the user, embodying the ease of connecting to the internet with the added security and privacy of a Sentinel-based VPN.

The Goal is to have many users who might not even realize they're using a VPN powered by Sentinel. It's similar to how you use the internet at a café or a friend's house without wondering about the ISP providing the service – you just connect and start browsing.

Caishen VPN available for testing

In a previous story, Sentinel unveiled Caishen VPN, tailored for the Chinese market, which has now moved to public beta testing. Named after the Chinese deity of prosperity, the app leverages technology that's favored in China, marrying privacy with good fortune for its users. This step is part of Sentinel's broader mission to provide safe and private internet access across the globe.

Caishen VPN Fully Enters Public Beta
Almost exactly in time for the Chinese New Year! Caishen VPN, a Sentinel-based whitelabel developed primarily for the Chinese market, is now available for testing on iOS. The beta can be joined using the link below. Join the Caishen VPN betaAvailable on iOSApple The Android APK, which was released a

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Editors notes: This information was taken from Project Autonomy on Sentinel's Official Telegram.

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