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By u/Conundrum_SIN

Sentinel has seen massive expansion in the past year (and the past few months in particular), and is determined to channel that momentum into every area it possibly can. What this has meant for r/dVPN, Sentinel's official Subreddit, is a total overhaul from the ground-up and an exponential increase in the amount of project news and support that will be provided to users.

This article has been written on behalf of a reshuffled r/dVPN moderation team that now includes members of the Sentinel Growth writers, validators, a portion of the old mod team, and other project contributors. A few weeks ago we began working together to improve the user experience of r/dVPN, something we believe both the Subreddit's userbase and the now-flourishing Sentinel Network deserve.

Some of you who are already members will have noticed some of the changes already, as this process has been step-by-step—but we have now reached a point where we can officially announce the grand re-opening of r/dVPN!

We encourage all Sentinel community members, team members, contributors, and investors to give it a visit, even if you don't have a Reddit account or regularly visit the site!

What This Means for Members

  • There will now be support for everybody who asks for it. If fellow members aren't able to assist users, the moderation team will. If we can't, we will find someone who can, relay the issue to them, and return with an answer.
  • Post flairs have been introduced to allow users to find to posts on a any given Sentinel topic with ease. This carries with it the ability to find posts specific to a member's Sentinel Ecosystem application of choice, including the Sentinel flagship application, third-party whitelabel dVPN clients, and any other product with components powered by Sentinel.
  • New menu links have been added with a range of Sentinel information, resources for Sentinel Node operators, all the aforementioned applications, and access points for data and statistics.
  • The Subreddit rules have been completely revised. This will not change anything for vast majority of active members; but if there's any uncertainty, they are available in the section below and in the Subreddit's sidebar.
  • Other quality of life improvements: Complete visual overhaul, simple main title, new description, the latest Sentinel branding.

Rules of r/dVPN

1. No spam, plagiarism, referrals, advertising, or begging.

  • Do not spam, post referral links, or advertise. Developers, node hosts, and validators may make posts about their own products and services, so long as they make their affiliation to the product explicit and keep it reasonable.
  • Do not post content created by others (including text) in a manner that suggests you are the creator or author. Enforced on a common sense case-by-case basis.
  • Do not beg or request funds from other users in any way. This includes excessive solicitation for delegations.

2. No trolling, misinformation, or off-topic discussion.

  • No trolling (inflammatory behaviour).
  • Do not post deliberate misinformation. Includes misleading titles or link names in posts.
  • Political discussion related to dVPN, crypto, and digital privacy IS permitted; but please refrain from blatant left-right ideological rhetoric. Advocates for censorship or authoritarian regimes may face bans regardless.
  • Discussions related to racial, ethnic, religious, gender, or sexual identity are strictly prohibited unless they are somehow relevant to dVPN.

3. No harassment or abusive behaviour.

  • We are very welcoming of open discussion, banter, and rowdiness here; but keep things lighthearted and do not abuse or harass your fellow community members.
  • Additionally, no slurs of any sort.

4. Do not post personal information relating to yourself or others.

  • Do not post personally identifying information related to yourself or any of your fellow community members.
  • This includes posting private correspondence without the express permission of all parties involved.

5. Posts about cVPNs or dVPNs on other chains must serve a Sentinel-related purpose.

  • r/dVPN is for Sentinel, the open-source architecture on which consumer dVPN applications are usually built. dVPN applications not based on Sentinel are usually singular appchains that have their own Subreddits.
  • All discussion related to centralised VPNs and non-Sentinel dVPNs must serve the purposes of a Sentinel-relevant constructive discussion, and must not verge into advertising or display a "console wars" mentality.

6. Please only post and comment in English.

  • r/dVPN is an English-only Subreddit.
  • If you have difficulties with reading or writing English to the extent that the Subreddit is not usable to you, reach out to an admin and we can try to direct you to a Sentinel community that supports your native tongue, if one exists.

🌍 A list of international Sentinel groups is also available in this article:

Other Notes

Does this mean that Sentinel's team has changed?

Though it is the official Sentinel Subreddit, r/dVPN has always been moderated by project contributors and supporters rather than directly by the team. We are just new contributors and supporters replacing some old ones, the Sentinel team itself is the same as it always has been.

Is r/dVPN the best place to get support for Sentinel Ecosystem topics?

As mentioned earlier, we will make sure everybody who creates a post requesting support gets detailed, thoughtful help and up-to-date information. However, if your issue is time-sensitive, requires input from as many knowledgeable parties as possible, or requires direct contact with Sentinel's team or a third-party product's team, Sentinel's Telegram group or Discord server could possibly serve you better.

Will there be any other changes?

The "grand re-opening" will be promoted through every available Sentinel channel, so we hope for an influx of new users. Other than that, the moderation team is open to any suggestions the community might have—feel free to provide them on the post linked here. readers and subscribers will also be interested to know that new articles from this website will also be posted to the Subreddit; so for some of you it may be a more convenient way to receive our content than the existing means.

Join Our Journey

At every member of the Sentinel community is a contributor. Whether you're writing articles, sharing tutorials, or participating in discussions, your involvement is what drives our collective growth, and best of all it's rewarded! Together, so if you to contribute to the growth of the Sentinel Network, you are in the right place!

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