Decentralized VPN is coming to China in 2024! In a significant collaboration, Sentinel, the leading decentralized VPN (dVPN) bandwidth marketplace, has partnered with Dragon VPN, a popular product in the Chinese market, to introduce Dragon dVPN.

This new alliance, funded by the Sentinel Growth DAO's mission to expand VPN usage and adoption within the Sentinel Network, aims to unlock the potential of decentralized VPNs for over 1 billion internet users in China and offer them secure and fiat-friendly access to an open internet. The first round of funding aims to develop mobile applications, before expanding to desktop applications.

Beyond the Firewall: A Familiar Fiat Bridge

Recognizing the challenges of crypto adoption in China, this partnership goes beyond mere technology. Dragon VPN's deep, native understanding of the Chinese market paves the way for a seamless integration with WeChat and Alipay. These immensely popular payment platforms are used by almost everyone in China and will become fiat on-ramps to Dragon dVPN, their new and upcoming app offering. USDT crypto payments will also be available, making decentralized VPN services accessible and convenient for a vast audience already comfortable with these payment methods.

"With Dragon dVPN, we're not just offering a VPN," says "low key," the Dragon VPN lead. "We're opening the door to a world of possibilities for 1 billion people. By enabling payments through WeChat and Alipay, we're making Dragon dVPN accessible and convenient for the everyday user in China. This is about empowering individuals with the freedom to explore, express, and participate in the global online community."

A look into the UI of Dragon VPN

More Than Just Bypassing Censorship:

Dragon dVPN isn't just about accessing blocked websites. It's about unlocking opportunities, empowering individuals, and much more:

  • Freely roam the internet: Securely access websites that would otherwise be blocked—wherever you may be!
  • Watch geo-restricted content: Draconian laws prevent many people from watching their favorite shows or sports games. With a dVPN, you can access any content library.
  • Access geo-blocked crypto Services: With ever more regulation coming, people need a decentralized VPN to access blocked services. Centralized VPNs actively block you!
  • Stop tracking: Your ISP tracks and logs your data; with a dVPN, they won’t be able to anymore!
  • Stop Web3 tracking: Your Web3 wallets track your IP and all your transactions. Why let them? Use a decentralized VPN and keep your transactions and IP private!
  • Students and researchers: Expand your knowledge base and access unrestricted educational resources that would otherwise be blocked.

Embrace the Dragon: Join the Dragon dVPN Journey

Dragon dVPN symbolizes strength, resilience, and the potential to overcome obstacles. As the service gears up for its official launch, stay tuned for further updates and be part of this historic journey towards a more open and connected future for China.

Learn more about Dragon VPN:

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