Dogwifhat dVPN, the Sentinel Ecosystem's first foray into the memecoin world, officially launched on Android this Thursday. The APK installation file can be directly downloaded from the brand-new Dogwifhat dVPN website,, or using the button below.

Dogwifhat dVPN

Now available on Android via direct APK installation.
Google Play and Apple App Store releases are also on the way.

Download (APK)

A dVPN Wif a Hat

Like many “memecoins,” the Solana-based Dogwifhat Coin (WIF) has seen explosive growth since the start of 2024. It is currently the fifth-ranked memecoin by market capitalization, according to CoinGecko; and went as high as third in the month of March.

The 2019 image that started it all.

Its namesake dVPN application was developed by the Sentinel Foundation with sponsorship and assistance from members of the Dogwifhat community. Many of the nodes available for connection within the application are also sponsored by members of that community.

To find out more about Dogwifhat and WIF, check out that project’s (very entertaining) official website, or learn more about the meme itself on KnowYourMeme.

The landing page of the new Dogwifhat dVPN website.

Rapid Development

Sentinel first publicly announced development of Dogwifhat dVPN on May 5th. With launch now taking place just over a month later, its development cycle has been one of the quickest in the history of Sentinel whitelabel applications.

The swiftness of development and the lack of a community testing period is a testament to the growing strength and reliability of the BasedApps SDK, a development kit which has been used to build several existing applications within the Sentinel Ecosystem.

Building Bridges

Recent “tailored” applications targeted at various crypto communities outside of Sentinel, such as the upcoming Cosmos dVPN (ATOM) and Bitcoin dVPN, represent an effort by Sentinel to make dVPN a daily part of life for everyone in Web3, regardless of their project or ecosystem of choice.

Many within Web3 have reservations about memecoins, usually citing lack of utility. Dogwifhat dVPN is a demonstration of how cross-chain compatible dApps like Sentinel’s dVPN clients can create new utility for any blockchain project, regardless of underlying tokenomics or philosophy.

Sentinel in Solana

This particular "tailored" Sentinel application is also the first of its kind to target a project outside of the Cosmos Ecosystem, as Dogwifhat is part of the Solana Ecosystem.

A Sentinel team member stated this week that the "dVPN ecosystem has to tap into Solana and other ecosystems. In the even that the interchain experiences a lull, dVPN must always be active."

While Sentinel remains a fully committed member of the Cosmos Ecosystem (and even announced last week that it will be a key sponsor of Cosmoverse 2024 in Dubai in October), it is also a sovereign chain, and will continue to build bridges with the entire crypto world.

To learn more about Solana, see the helpful article by Forbes linked below.

What Is Solana? How Does It Work?
Solana (SOL) is a cryptocurrency that was designed to work similarly to and improve upon Ethereum. Named after a small Southern Californian coastal city, Solana is the brainchild of software developer Anatoly Yakovenko. Yakovenko first proposed this innovative blockchain in 2017, and Solana launc


Dogwifhat dVPN may be fun, but it’s not frivolous.

Like any application in the Sentinel Ecosystem, it is a powerful tool for smashing geo-restrictions and protecting your internet browsing. It allows users to quickly connect to Sentinel Nodes for free in a matter of seconds. Once activated, you will find connection quality equal or better to that of dVPN’s centralized competitors.

Sentinel’s node network provides both the Wireguard and V2Ray protocols, and the Dogwifhat dVPN application offers three DNS settings (Cloudshare, Google, and Handshake).

The app logs are stored locally on your device; Sentinel does not log at the blockchain level.

Sentinel’s node network numbers in the hundreds and covers just about any country, city, or region you could possibly want to connect to, from Albania to Zambia. Getting online is as simple as choosing a node and connecting; but if you don’t require any specific locale, you can also use the Quick Connect button to connect to a random one.

Free (For Now)

The application will initially be free, but will be monetized with Sentinel's advertisement marketplace in the future. Users of Dogwifhat dVPN’s ecosystem cousin Independent dVPN will find it a familiar (and altogether unintrusive) experience.

For many years within the digital privacy community, orthodox wisdom has been that “free” VPNs and proxies are unsafe at best, and outright dangerous at worst. This was entirely correct—if they’re not charging you for a subscription, then it’s a safe assumption that they’re making their money by violating your privacy.

Sentinel’s trustless decentralized VPN architecture has completely changed this paradigm. For the first time ever, free VPNs can now openly prove that your data is not being logged or stored.

Fully Open Source

The application, much like the Sentinel blockchain it runs on, is fully open-source. The Dogwifhat dVPN code can be audited or used at its GitHub page.

dogwifhatdvpndev - Overview
woof-woof! oh, I meant decentralization! dogwifhatdvpndev has 2 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

“This application CANNOT monitor you, cannot track you, and can prove it…” read Sentinel’s official announcement about the application's launch, “Demand open source transparency from VPN applications. Do NOT trust a VPN that does not show its code.”

Further Information

A community has been created for the nascent application on Telegram, which can be joined with the link below.

Dogwifhat dVPN
You can view and join @dogwifhatdvpn right away.

App Stores & iOS

The application is still pending review on the Google Play Store, but direct APK download is available at the new Dogwifhat dVPN website linked at the start of this article.

As Apple does not allow installation of iOS apps from sources besides their own app store, it will have to be approved by them before it will be available on iPhone. Both the Google and Apple submissions were made over two days ago, so approval could come at any time.

There do not appear to be any plans for desktop versions at this time, but it is not set in stone.

For a complete list of Sentinel's applications on all platforms, visit the application directory on the Sentinel Documentation website linked below.

Download dVPN Apps | Sentinel Docs
A list of apps entirely built on Sentinel

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