Leading the way in decentralized VPN

Sentinel is leading the way in decentralized VPN (dVPN) , and we've got big plans. We want our community to help us make things even better and we're ready to reward those who do. Through our Sentinel Growth DAO, we're tapping into the power of our community to innovate and expand the reach of dVPN services.

1. Residential Nodes: A Key Focus

We've started our first residential node subscription, and although it's just the beginning with over 50 nodes getting rewards, it's a big deal. Residential nodes help users get around internet restrictions better than other types, which is why they're so important.

We're looking to launch more dVPN apps that use these nodes, especially for businesses that need to collect data for AI training. If you've got knowledge or connections that could help, especially in business-to-business (B2B) areas, we'd love to hear from you.

2. Using Raspberry Pi for Nodes

Since keeping a home PC on all the time isn't practical, we're encouraging the use of Raspberry Pi. It's a cheap and open way to run a residential node. By hosting a node on a Raspberry Pi, you can earn a steady $10 per month, making back your investment and then some within a year.

Ideas and projects from the community to get more people hosting nodes on Raspberry Pi are very welcome.

3. Leading the Way in DePin

The blockchain world is coming back to its roots: distributed networks. Sentinel has been all about this from the start, for seven years now. As we grow, we're becoming a key player in the DePin sector, which is gaining strength.

Our network is unique because it's used worldwide by a diverse group of people. We're aiming for 1 million users this year and want to be recognized as a top DePin network. We need to show off our success and get recognized by research organizations like Messari.

Adding to our journey towards recognition, we're proud to announce that Binance Research has featured Sentinel in their latest DePIN report, highlighting our dVPN's reach and usage. With 40,000 monthly and 4-5,000 daily active users, our platform's impact is clear. We're also engaging with Messari to include $DVPN in their DePin reports, further validating our contributions to the decentralized network space.

Get Involved

We're inviting everyone in the Sentinel community to join in on these efforts. Your contributions will be recognized with $DVPN rewards. Let's work together to make Sentinel even better and more widely used.

To learn more and start contributing, check out the Sentinel Growth DAO at sentinelgrowthdao.com.

Contribute and earn $DVPN!

Editors notes: This information was taken from Project Autonomy on Sentinel's Official Telegram.

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