Wormhole has begun airdropping their new native token, $W! According to Wormhole, over 50,000,000 $W have been distributed to reward on-chain activity across over thirty affiliated blockchains.

Wormhole is an interoperability platform for blockchains consisting of a suite of open source protocols and tools. The project launched over three years ago, but the creation and release of a token has been much more recent: The snapshot for this airdrop was taken around February 7th, the date when $W's tokenomics were first unveiled.

To review the eligibility requirements and learn more about Wormhole and $W, see the following article on their website. The snapshot appears to be have taken on February 7th. Please bear in mind that bypassing the geo-restrictions will not necessarily make you eligible to claim the airdrop—you can verify whether you are below.

W Airdrop Explained
Wormhole is the leading interoperability platform powering multichain applications and bridges at scale — the Web of Web3. The suite of open source protocols is used by developers of over 200 applications and more than 1 million unique wallets to move various types of data across over 30 blockchains. In total, the platform has handled over 1 billion cross-chain messages for applications and teams like Uniswap, Circle, Lido, Synthetix, Pyth, and more. In 2023, the Uniswap Foundation’s Bridge Asse

The Problem

Like so many airdrops, this one has turned out to be heavily geo-restricted and therefore out-of-bounds for tens of millions of unlucky people.

Users on X from around the world have expressed frustration and shared many images like the one headlining this article. The bulk of these complaints appear to be British and American, though users from other regions have also chimed in.

The Solution

Don't worry about it, that's why Sentinel is here!

In this article, we will explain how to bypass these irritating geo-restrictions with some of the decentralized VPN (dVPN) apps built on the Sentinel blockchain.

For our demonstration here, we will be using Independent dVPN (formerly Bagimsiz VPN), which is presently available on Android and iOS; and Meile dVPN, which is presently available on all major desktop platforms.

To find the best Sentinel-powered app for you, see the dApps section of the Sentinel website, which lists every available dVPN client in the ecosystem.


Download Independent dVPN on either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app is free to install and use.

First-time setup upon starting the app may take a few seconds. Once the app is ready, select a country and a node in that country to connect to.

Wormhole has not released any specifications about their airdrop's geo-restrictions, so some guesswork may be required to find out which countries will work. Informing yourself about crypto laws and attitudes around the world can be a big help.

While doing tests for this article, we had success with France, Chile, Lithuania, Qatar, Nigeria, Vietnam, Japan, and Indonesia. Unsuccessful attempts included USA, UK, and Pakistan.

Thanks to the node in France, we broke through the geoblock in under thirty seconds with the simple installation of an app and tap of a button. No more "not available in your region!"


Accessing the airdrop on desktop browser will require using a paid solution like Meile, a decentralized VPN client developed by MathNodes; or Decentr, an entire internet browser with integrated dVPN service powered by Sentinel.

Both applications are available on all major desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). Links to download them are available below.

Meile dVPN

A decentralized VPN client for Windows, Mac, and Linux created by MathNodes.

Get Meile dVPN


A Web3 internet browser with rewards and integrated dVPN service.

Get Decentr

To use Meile dVPN, you will need either a balance of DVPN Coins, or a fiat payment method like a credit or debit card. Payment is also accepted in OSMO, SCRT, ATOM, and DEC. Meile users have the option of connecting their existing crypto wallets to the application. All fiat transactions are conducted through a secure third-party service which does not share any of your information with the Meile team.

Once the client is booted up (give it a minute) and payment is set up, you'll be able to select a country and city from the map to connect to. Because all decentralized VPN applications built with Sentinel use the exact same network of nodes, the same criteria for selection that we used for Independent dVPN also applies here.

We decided to use the "Finlay-Nicholson" node, located in Canada.

Users have the option of paying for a set gigabyte amount of data (pay-as-you-go) or purchasing a periodic subscription. If your only immediate plans for using this application for now are for claiming the Wormhole airdrop, we recommend just purchasing one day.

Our one day subscription cost just under 100 DVPN Coins, which is only about $0.20 USD or €0.18 EUR.

After subscribing, you can manage node subscriptions and connect/disconnect from them from the "Subscriptions" tab on the bottom menu. Once we were connected, the geo-restrictions were erased—just as Independent dVPN had done for us before.

The process for using the decentralized VPN on Decentr Browser is similar and equally as effective at bypassing the block, but you will need to create a Decentr account and have a balance of the browser's native Decentr Coin (DEC) in order to use it. More payment forms will be coming in the future.


In contrast with some other airdrops, which require connections to specific types of nodes and settings configurations, accessing the Wormhole airdrop with decentralized VPN is as simple as getting connected to a node in a country unaffected by the geo-restrictions.

Download a Sentinel-powered dVPN application today and you'll have a web3 solution to your web3 problems. Don't miss out on any of the fun of airdrop season; especially with a bull market for the ages just around the corner!

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