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Community Resource: Sentinel Social Directory

As Sentinel's userbase and reputation continue to balloon more and more every day, it doesn't take a keen observer to notice that the community is becoming much more busy. Sentinel's decentralised community is a reflection of the the decentralised nature of the project itself:...

Caishen VPN Fully Enters Public Beta

Almost exactly in time for the Chinese New Year! Caishen VPN, a Sentinel-based whitelabel developed primarily for the Chinese market, is now available for testing on iOS. The beta can be joined using the link below. Join the Caishen VPN betaAvailable on iOSApple The Android APK, which was released a...

V2:App: The First cVPN in History to Transition to dVPN

V2:App moves to Sentinel It's always brilliant to see new development teams join the community and start putting out new dVPN products. As 2024 begins in earnest, it feels like we're entering a golden era of Sentinel whitelabel development — a promised land where a new...

Sentinel Flagship App Out for Testing

Sentinels pre-launch dVPN app now available Yesterday was a huge day for the project: Sentinel's long-awaited revived flagship dVPN application has now been made available to the public for the first time. Community members who wish to test the pre-launch version of the app for Android may download...

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