As February wound to a close yesterday, ProjectAutonomy of the Sentinel team shared a broad series of updates on the state of the project's ecosystem. They included the development status on nearly every dVPN application built with Sentinel, the announcement of two new additional applications, and news about other recent activities of the core team.

This article will provide a quick summary.

Application News

The Sentinel flagship app is entering its final week of testing, and a new pre-launch version of the app will be posted for testers today. The team aims to formally launch the app next week. For more details on the open beta, including how to participate, see this article. The app will start its life as mobile-only, but will expand to desktop platforms in the future.

Testing of a Windows version of Independent VPN (formerly Bağımsız VPN) will begin soon. This will be the second Sentinel-based dedicated dVPN client for Windows, following in the footsteps of Meile dVPN's Windows launch in January 2023. "Monetization has begun, $10k+ yearly run rate currently. Optimization of AD SDKs is ongoing," ProjectAutonomy added.

Separately from the core project team's update, Meile dVPN core developer freQnik informed his users last Friday that the launch of Meile's landmark 2.0 version, a dramatic overhaul of the application's frontend, will be pushed forward three weeks due to development requiring outside consultancy.

Two new whitelabel applications referred to as "BTC dVPN" and "XMR dVPN" were announced. No other details were provided, but it is safe to assume that they will be catering to users of Bitcoin and Monero.

Design work on ATOM dVPN, a conceptually similar whitelabel for ATOM users that was announced on September 6th of last year, has been completed. The application is planned for iOS and Android.

V2App, a cVPN that recently decided to transition to dVPN, is now available on the Apple app store, and can be downloaded using the link below.

‎V2App: Best dVPN and Fast VPN
‎V2App is powered by the cutting-edge dVPN technology, built on the robust Sentinel network framework which leverages V2Ray and VMESS for unmatched speed, reliability, and flexibility. This next-generation tool transcends traditional internet access solutions, providing a streamlined and enhanced onl…

The team's update on Airdrop dVPN (which is now live for testing and working) contained an unusual announcement: "Currently structure for permissioned access is being worked on. This app will not be free and open to all." Our analysis indicates that this was likely prompted by concerns from node operators and other whitelabel developers about the manner in which Airdrop dVPN was providing subscriptions to users.

New Sentinel websites for hardware and residential nodes have been created and will soon be going live. The announcement of a Sentinel hardware website follows testing of new Raspberry Pi-based hardware nodes, which were announced in mid-December and are now presumably close to public release.

ProjectAutonomy made one final additional interesting announcement to cap off his posts: "A top-tier research report is being organized for the DVPN ecosystem," in order to make the project more visible to institutional investment and developers.

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