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It's always brilliant to see new development teams join the community and start putting out new dVPN products. As 2024 begins in earnest, it feels like we're entering a golden era of Sentinel whitelabel development — a promised land where a new dVPN app by a new team targeted at a new demographic launches almost every week. The debuts of the Sentinel flagship app, Caishen dVPN, Atom VPN, Breadcrumbs dVPN, and more all appear to be imminent; and the mood of the community has become more euphoric with every new detail and announcement that emerges.

On Thursday, we received yet another revelation:

The Sentinel team and Sentinel Growth DAO jointly announced that V2:App, an Estonia-based centralised VPN app specialising in the V2Ray protocol, will be abandoning their old infrastructure, adopting Sentinel, and becoming a dVPN application.

"By leveraging Sentinel's cutting-edge technology, we're aiming to set new standards in the VPN industry, ensuring that users have access to reliable, secure, and censorship-resistant internet connectivity," a V2:App developer called Pavel said when we reached out for comment.

This news is more than just news; it's the sort of thing that will be in books about the history of dVPN one day, if they're ever written.


Sentinel has always had loftier goals than merely providing an alternative to the traditional VPN industry. A core tenet of the team's ongoing half-decade long mission has been to take that industry over and permanently change the way that all VPNs are made and function. They want to see the NordVPNs and ExpressVPNs of the world running on Sentinel — and if that doesn't happen, they want to see apps that do run on Sentinel putting those companies out of business.

In spite of that rather aggressive mindset and strategy, the project has always attempted collaboration before resorting to competition.

A year ago, it was announced that a different cVPN with an established userbase of over a million was interested in transitioning their operations onto Sentinel. Negotiations even advanced to the point where a proof-of-concept trial was conducted, centred on the Iranian market. The Sentinel team reported that the cVPN was pleased with the technology and infrastructure, but ultimately did not go forward with the transition because of issues that Iranian users were having with some of the protocols in use.

Turning Point

That setback did not stop the efforts to build bridges with the cVPN world. Last month the team revealed that they had made their first breakthrough in their endeavours: api:VPN, an established developer of VPN software development kits (SDKs), decided to create a dVPN SDK using Sentinel.

That was ultimately the catalyst for what happened on Thursday: For the first time in history, a traditional centralised VPN will make the transition to dVPN. It is built using that very same SDK.

V2:App's official logo.
"We're building on Sentinel because we believe in the transformative power of decentralization. This shift towards a decentralized VPN (dVPN) not only enhances security and privacy for users worldwide but also represents a significant step forward in creating a more open, transparent, and user-empowered internet," said Pavel.

The Sentinel Growth DAO's outreach and assistance played a large part in helping V2:App adopt this technology. They have provided over $3,ooo USD to the app's team as an aid for their transition. "Add value to the Sentinel ecosystem, get paid," as the DAO succinctly put it in their Telegram announcement.

While V2:App is still a startup with a developing userbase, the implications of this event are massive. In the world of business, it's difficult to convince anyone to be the first to do anything. Innovation can provide infinitely more reward than stagnation, but it carries with it an equal amount of risk. Now that a precedent has finally been set, it should be much easier to entice other cVPNs to build on Sentinel and to gain legitimacy outside of the Web3 and crypto realm.

Congratulations to the V2:App team on becoming pioneers in the digital privacy space; and congratulations to the Growth DAO on successfully bringing them into the Sentinel family.

What is V2Ray?

V2Ray is a component of Project V, a suite of privacy tools. It is a privacy-centric set of protocols which users can use to establish connections within VPN and dVPN clients. It is especially preferred by users in China due to its effectiveness in circumventing the country's internet restrictions relative to alternatives like OpenVPN and Wireguard.

To learn more about V2Ray and Project V, see this very informative article by Cloudzy.


V2:App is available exclusively for iOS, at present. It can be installed using the link below. The app offers a three day free trial to users, after which a paid subscription is offered.

‎V2App: Best VPN & Fast Proxy
‎V2App is powered by V2Ray, a next-generation framework known for its exceptional speed, reliability, and customizable features. This advanced technology sets V2App apart from traditional internet access tools, offering a more efficient and seamless online experience. Customizable Operating Modes: -…

One interesting feature of the app is Customized Mode, which allows users to "tailor their internet experience" using global, proxy, and direct settings.

Thanks to Seventh for contributing to this piece.

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