As Sentinel's userbase and reputation continue to balloon more and more every day, it doesn't take a keen observer to notice that the community is becoming much more busy.

Sentinel's decentralised community is a reflection of the the decentralised nature of the project itself: An umbrella under which countless separate teams and individuals develop countless different products, all allied together in a campaign for privacy. It's easy to see how the tendency of Sentinel enthusiasts to carve out little kingdoms and clubhouses for themselves and their peers within the social structure of the project could be overwhelming to newcomers—but these groups, subgroups, channels, cliques, and servers that we inhabit all serve a purpose, we promise!

If you're new to this project, we hope that this directory will help you to tailor your Sentinel community experience, and find a balance of both engagement and information consumption that works for you as an individual.

At S.I.N. we've created two of these directories before; but has finally provided us with a static home for it that can be re-accessed and continually updated with ease.


📣 Sentinel Official Announcements

Follow this channel for the latest Sentinel news, announcements, updates, and events from the project team.

If your interest in Sentinel is casual, following this channel or Sentinel's X account should be sufficient to keep you informed. Posts from here are also automatically relayed to the "announcements" channel on Sentinel's Discord server.

🌐 Sentinel dVPN - Community Public Group

The community's de facto central hub for discussion, feedback, and collaboration. All Sentinel-related topics can be discussed here, with the exception of token price.

This is also the best place to go if you want to provide feedback or ask questions to the core project team.

🛠 Sentinel Node Network

Where Sentinel node operators congregate to discuss their craft. Node discussion is permitted in the global Sentinel group above, but Sentinel Node Network is a much better place to go if you want advanced expertise.

💸 Sentinel DVPN Price Chat

Trading or price discussion takes place here; as well as many of the project's tokenomics discussions. The perfect place to watch the fireworks with your fellow investors.

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More Sentinel Groups and Channels

🌱 Sentinel Growth DAO - The official chat of Sentinel's Growth DAO, a community-driven arm of Sentinel that is responsible for many initiatives, including this very site you're on now.

📱 Sentinel dVPN Application Testing Forum - This group is used for product testing various applications built on Sentinel. Anybody is allowed to join and participate in product tests—so if there's a Sentinel-based app you're waiting for, come here to skip the line and get access before it even launches! If you decide to provide feedback and bug reports, you'll also being doing a crucial service to the project's wellbeing.

🏛 Sentinel Token Governance Group - Informal discussions related to Sentinel governance are held here. Validator news and tokenomics are also topics from time-to-time. Since the establishment of governance procedures by Proposal 12 in 2022, most serious discussions about proposals are now held on the project's Commonwealth forum.

📰 Sentinel Independent News (S.I.N.) - An unofficial news and announcements channel that caters to hardcore Sentinel enthusiasts. It is designed as a supplement to the official announcements channel, and provides coverage of additional topics like governance, nodes, validators, and news from projects building on Sentinel.

💼 Sentinel Jobs Board - An announcement board operated by the Growth DAO where new Sentinel job listings and links to applications are shared.

🖼 /imagine dVPN memes - This channel (and its associated X account) has been creating and sharing batches of new Sentinel memes every single day for over four years. No one is entirely sure who this creator is, or how they maintain this astonishing level and rate of productivity—but the mysterious channel has become a central pillar of the community's culture.

🐳 Sentinel Whale Monitor - An automated channel operated by Quokka Stake validator which tracks large transactions and wallets on the Sentinel chain.

🔍 Sentinel Validators Missed Blocks - Another Quokka Stake automated channel which provides real-time updates on Sentinel validator status changes, including jailings and unjailings.

🥊 DVPN Degens (Trollbox 2.0) - An unmoderated, anything-goes group usually used by Sentinel community members for off-topic discussions.

Whitelabels, Products, & Partners (A-Z)

International Sentinel Groups (A-Z)

Discord, YouTube, and More

💬 Sentinel Discord Server

The official Sentinel Discord server, largely maintained by a validator called CommunityStaking, is a fast-growing alternative to the official Telegram group. It features channels for every Sentinel topic you can imagine—from governance to whitelabels to trading to nodes. New posts from the Sentinel Official Announcements, Sentinel Independent News, and Sentinel meme channels on Telegram are also automatically relayed to the server.

🏛️ Sentinel Commonwealth

DVPN Proposal 12, which was passed in August 2022, established governance procedures for the Sentinel chain. It mandated the creation of this Commonwealth forum, and stipulated that every governance proposal must be submitted for community review and discussion here for a duration of time before it can be posted to the chain for voting.

⚙️ Sentinel GitHub

GitHub is used by the Sentinel team and its collaborators as a repository for the project's code. As Sentinel is an open source project, this platform is vital for ensuring development transparency and accessibility.

📝 Sentinel Medium

Unlike the articles on this website (which are primarily contributed by community members and unofficial project collaborators), posts on the Sentinel Medium are 0fficial long-form announcements and news straight from the core team.

▶️ Sentinel on YouTube

Sentinel's official YouTube channel, established in March 2024 and operated by the Sentinel Growth DAO. The content includes news, announcements, and tutorials.

💻 r/DVPN

Sentinel's official Subreddit. Not terribly busy, but a decent, actively moderated place for long-form discussions, questions, and feedback about Sentinel.

🌳 Sentinel Linktree

Linktree is a simple platform used by businesses and projects to create lists of links to official accounts and channels in an easy-to-digest format. If you're promoting Sentinel to new users, sharing this page can be a great introduction.


Added: Dogwifhat dVPN TG, EthicalNode TG, Bitveil Discord.
Removed: Forbole x Big Dipper TG.
Miscellaneous: Main Sentinel TG renamed.

Contributed by Sentinel Independent News and Trinity Validator.

More Sentinel guides and resources are available at the Sentinel Documentation website.

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As Sentinel’s userbase and reputation continue to balloon more and more every day, it doesn’t take a keen observer to notice that the community is becoming much more busy. Sentinel’s decentralised community is a reflection of the the decentralised nature of the project itself: An umbrella under which countless separate

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