Funds allocated for further Sentinel growth

We are excited to share a major development for the Sentinel community. Following the strong performance of Sentinel and the launch of the Sentinel dVPN Flagship app, the community has made a clear decision.

The Sentinel Growth DAO proposed to use funds from the community pool, and the community overwhelmingly voted in favor. With a 67.1% turnout, 88.7% voted 'Yes', showing strong support for this move. This decision marks an important step in Sentinel's journey, as we focus on expanding our reach and improving what we offer.

To see the results of Prop #48 on chain click HERE

Investment in Future Growth: Advertising and Development

The funds will be directed towards two critical areas:

  1. Advertising Campaign: To broaden our reach and solidify Sentinel's presence in the market, a robust advertising campaign will be launched. This initiative aims to introduce more users to the Sentinel ecosystem, driving growth and adoption.
  2. Development of the Blockchain Explorer: In our quest for continual improvement, we are dedicating resources to develop a state-of-the-art Blockchain Explorer. This tool will provide users with greater insights and transparency, making the Sentinel network more accessible and understandable.

A Track Record of Success: The Growth DAO's Achievements

The Sentinel community's trust in the Growth DAO stems from its proven track record of effective fund utilization. Here's a glimpse of what has been achieved with previous allocations:

  • Relayer Osmosis-Sentinel: Facilitated the transfer of information between Osmosis and Sentinel, enhancing inter-platform communication.
  • Relayer Decenter-Sentinel: Mirrored the Osmosis-Sentinel effort with Decenter, further expanding our network's capabilities.
  • Documentation Maintenance at Ensured that all information on the Sentinel project remained current and accessible.
  • Chinese Advertising Initiatives: Targeted advertising efforts to engage the Chinese market, expanding our global footprint.
  • Chinese Meile RPC Full Node Funding: Supported the development and operation of a vital node, tailored for our Chinese users.
  • Chinese Translation of Made our website accessible to a wider audience by offering information in Chinese.
  • Sentinel Node Faucet dVPN Nodes & User Testing: Sponsored the creation of decentralized VPN nodes and supported extensive user testing.
  • Growth DAO Validator for Sentinel Chain: Contributed to the security and integrity of the Sentinel chain by operating a validator.
  • Emergency Funds for Osmosis Relayer: Provided crucial support to maintain operations during critical integration phases.
  • New Developer Onboarding: Actively expanded our developer base, strengthening the core of Sentinel.

The total amount allocated in $DVPN tokens was 25,000,000, a firm commitment and belief in the project's vision and roadmap.

Looking Ahead

This achievement shows how far we've come and points the way to our future goals. As we start this new chapter, we're sticking to our core values of being open, innovative, and driven by our community.

Let's work together to build a future with better decentralized networks and privacy-focused apps. Keep an eye out for more news as we move forward with the Sentinel community.

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