After conducting a thorough analysis, we are thrilled to announce that the Growth DAO has granted responsibility for the development of the Sentinel Javascript Standard Development Kit to community member Tkd-Alex.

Stay updated on the progress of the SDK by checking out the dedicated repository at the following GitHub Repository. Your participation in this journey is highly encouraged!

But who is Tkd-Alex?

Tkd-Alex has been an integral part of the Sentinel Ecosystem since 2022, gaining recognition within the community for his notable contributions. One of his key achievements includes the creation of the Node Spawner tool, designed to simplify the process of spawning dVPN nodes for users. His dedication further extended to establishing his own Validator, operating under his name.

Moreover, Tkd-Alex has significantly contributed to the development of the Meile dVPN app, Sentinel Python SDK, and actively participated in debugging the Node Health Check. We are confident that his expertise and commitment will play a crucial role in the advancement of the Sentinel Javascript SDK. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

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— The Sentinel Growth DAO Team

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