Sentinels pre-launch dVPN app now available

Yesterday was a huge day for the project:

Sentinel's long-awaited revived flagship dVPN application has now been made available to the public for the first time.

Community members who wish to test the pre-launch version of the app for Android may download an APK from the Sentinel dVPN Application Testing Forum on Telegram. A direct link to the file is available below.


Those who test the new app are encouraged to provide feedback and report bugs in that very same group.

There is no concrete date yet for the app's full, official launch; but community testing has so far been productive. Over 150 posts from have been made in the app testing group since the APK was made available yesterday.

It should again be noted that this is a pre-launch version of the app, and therefore quality of user experience cannot yet be fully guaranteed.

Background to Sentinels original app

The original Sentinel app had been sunsetted in 2021, after the core project team decided to delegate all VPN client development to third-party whitelabel developers such as Exidio, and later MathNodes and SOLAR Labs.

While the principle of Sentinel existing as an open source foundation for anybody to build on remains, the core team has expressed regret at their decision to retire the original Sentinel app, and announced in September 2022 that it would be revived with new features.

The team believes that this latest iteration of the app can be a rallying point for third party developers and standard-bearer for dVPN technology, rather than an impediment to the project's open source mission.

Since the announcement in September 2022, the new app has been eagerly anticipated by the Sentinel community; and its arrival yesterday follows a massive of Winter of growth for Sentinel's node network, infrastructure, and market value.

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