In the ever-evolving landscape of digital privacy and online security, Sentinel has not only remained at the forefront of decentralised VPN services, but has witnessed an extraordinary year of growth and achievement. 

Moving into 2024, we wanted to look at Sentinel's exceptional performance in 2023, and the remarkable strides we've made since then in 2024. 

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From the surge in unique users and active nodes to the exponential growth in user sessions and data consumption, Sentinel have seen unprecedented demand for decentralised VPN services. In addition, our revenue model has not only strengthened our network, but has also supported our valued node operators and stakers. Let's take a look at some of the key stats and numbers

Unique DVPN Users

In 2023, Sentinels VPN service proudly served a growing, loyal user base, with a total of 92,428 unique users over the entire year. It was a remarkable year of achievement and growth for us.

As we entered 2024, the trajectory of our success is even more evident. In January 2024 alone, we celebrated the addition of an impressive 41,820 new users to our network.

Sentinel unique users graph

This phenomenal one-month growth rate signifies an astounding 4881.7% increase, compared to January 2023, when we welcomed 853 new users. 

The exponential growth we've experienced in such a short span is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier VPN services.

Our journey from 853 new users in January 2023 to an astounding 41,820 new users in January 2024 showcases our dedication to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.

This unprecedented 4881.7% increase is a reflection of the trust global VPN users have placed in Sentinels service, and the exceptional decentralised VPN services & apps we offer.

As we move forward in 2024, we’re setting new industry standards for VPN performance. Our mission to provide secure, seamless, and superior VPN experiences to our ever-expanding global user community is just getting started!

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Active Nodes

In January 2023, Sentinels VPN network boasted an impressive 9,513 active nodes, laying a strong foundation for our growing decentralised VPN services. 

As we ushered in 2024, the remarkable surge in Sentinels network became evident with 12,289 active nodes recorded in January alone. This extraordinary one-month growth represents an impressive 1,194.2% increase compared to January 2023, when we had 205 active nodes.

Sentinel active nodes - 2023 vs 2024

Our year-over-year growth from 9,513 active nodes in 2023 to a remarkable 15,832 active nodes in 2024 showcases our commitment to expanding our network, improving service quality, and providing users with a secure and reliable VPN experience globally.

dVPN Active Nodes - January 2024

DVPN User Sessions

In 2023, we facilitated a total of 801,247 user sessions throughout the year, demonstrating the trust users placed in our DVPN service. 

As we transitioned into 2024, the momentum of our growth was evident, with an impressive 636,835 user sessions recorded in January alone.

Comparing January 2023, when Sentinel supported 13,526 user sessions, to January 2024, with an astounding 604,870 user sessions, reveals an exceptional year-over-year increase of 4,371.8%. 

DVPN user sessions

This remarkable surge underscores Sentinels unwavering commitment to providing a seamless and secure DVPN experience to our decentralised VPN users around the world.

Data Consumption

In 2023, our users collectively downloaded a substantial 156.14 terabytes (TB) of data and uploaded 11.06 TB over the entire year, showcasing the robust demand for our VPN service. 

As we entered 2024, our data consumption figures continued to soar. In January 2024 alone, users downloaded an astounding 73.58 TB of data and uploaded 7.09 TB, marking an extraordinary year-over-year increase.

Comparing January 2023, when users downloaded 2.79 TB of data, to January 2024's remarkable 73.58 TB, reflects an exceptional 2,536.2% growth in data consumption. 

graph showing explosion in data consumption

This surge underscores our unwavering commitment to providing a high-speed and reliable VPN service that caters to the ever-increasing data demands of our users.

As Sentinel navigates through 2024, we remain dedicated to optimising our network infrastructure to accommodate even higher levels of data consumption. This will ensure that our global VPN users continue to experience a seamless and efficient VPN service, while Sentinel continues to see unprecedented growth in data usage.

Network Revenue

In 2023, our network revenue stood at an impressive 58,846,652 DVPN tokens over the course of the year. 

It was a significant milestone for us, and our revenue model introduced in September 2023 played a crucial role in this achievement. In September 2023 alone, we distributed 945,224 DVPN tokens in revenue to stakers and node operators.

As Sentinel moved into 2024, our revenue model has continued to thrive, with a remarkable 43,747,793 DVPN tokens generated in January. 

This represents an astounding year-over-year increase, showcasing a whopping 4,523.7% growth in network revenue compared to September 2023.

network revenue graph for Sentinel

Our revenue model not only benefits our network but also supports our node operators and stakers, ensuring a sustainable and mutually rewarding ecosystem. 

Sentinel is committed to further enhancing our revenue model, fostering growth, and delivering value to all of our loyal users and VPN participants as we progress further into 2024.


In the past year, Sentinel has experienced remarkable growth across various key VPN metrics. 

key metrics for Sentinel
  • In 2023, we served 92,428 unique users, but entering 2024, this number skyrocketed with a 45.3% year-to-date increase, boasting 41,820 new users in January alone.
  • Active nodes surged from 205 in January 2023 to an impressive 12,289 in January 2024, signifying a remarkable 1,194.2% growth.
  • Unique user sessions soared from 801,247 in 2023 to a staggering 636,835 in January 2024, representing a substantial 4,371.8% increase.
  • Data consumption also witnessed a significant boost, with users downloading 73.58 TB in January 2024, a remarkable 2,536.2% growth compared to January 2023.
  • Network revenue experienced substantial gains, jumping by an astounding 4,523.7% from 945,224 DVPN tokens generated in September 2023 to 43,747,793 DVPN tokens in January 2024, thanks to Sentinels generous revenue model that supports node operators and stakers. 

This remarkable growth underscores Sentinels unwavering commitment to providing top-tier decentralised VPN services and a thriving ecosystem for our users and partners in 2024 and beyond.

This is just the start!

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