Almost exactly in time for the Chinese New Year! Caishen VPN, a Sentinel-based whitelabel developed primarily for the Chinese market, is now available for testing on iOS. The beta can be joined using the link below.

Join the Caishen VPN beta
Available on iOS

The Android APK, which was released a few weeks ago, can be downloaded from the Sentinel Application Testing Forum on Telegram.

Participants in the beta on both iOS and Android are encouraged to provide feedback and bug reports in that same Telegram group.

It should be noted, as usual, that these are pre-launch versions of the app, and quality of user experience cannot be guaranteed.


Caishen (财神) is named after a mythological figure from Chinese culture associated with wealth and good fortune. The app was announced jointly with a separate Turkish project, Independent VPN (then called Bağımsız VPN), on September 20th of last year. Its development has taken a little longer than Independent VPN; but as of yesterday Caishen is now available on both major mobile platforms.

The project's logo, featuring Caishen himself.

Caishen VPN Features

Caishen primarily uses V2Ray technology, one of the several protocols that apps built on Sentinel can utilise in order to establish VPN connections. V2Ray is generally preferred by Chinese VPN users over other protocols because of its effectiveness within the country, and was a natural choice for a Chinese-focused dVPN app. Wireguard is also available in the settings menu if users need an alternative.

Despite the Chinese focus, the app (as can be seen in this article's screenshots) is available in English and can be used by anyone anywhere in the world.

For more information about Caishen, visit the project's website below. To download and test the app, use the links at the beginning of the article.

Caishen VPN
Caishen VPN is a fully decentralized open-source free-to-use VPN application built on the Sentinel Network.

Caishen also has a presence on Telegram and X.

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Telegram | X

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