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Sentinel Growth DAO starts a Zealy campaign

Our much-anticipated Zealy campaign has officially kicked off, marking a good moment for the Sentinel community and promising participants a shot at a substantial $500 prize pool. This first campaign test sets the stage for future engagements, hinting at an exciting trajectory for more Zealy campaigns. The mechanics are fair...


Sentinel and Interbloc Partner for Native Blockchain Explorer

Strategic partnership with Interblock We are excited to share a groundbreaking development in the journey of Sentinel. Today, we officially announce our strategic partnership with Interblock, a renowned technology company, to collaboratively build a native Sentinel blockchain explorer. This new explorer will be equipped with custom features designed to enhance...


Official Announcement: Successful Implementation of Sentinel Growth DAO Relayer

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the continuous evolution of Sentinel Growth DAO. Our team has successfully hosted a new relayer, which is now online and has seamlessly executed a series of transactions. This accomplishment marks a crucial step forward in enhancing the overall infrastructure of Sentinel....

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